Rotofast 560

At last a travelator / escalator cleaning machine that deep cleans in only minutes. The Rotofast 560 deep cleans and dries travellator or escalator steps to a dazzling refurbished appearance. The Rotofast quickly removes years of heavy dirt and grime, leaving the surfaces gleaming like new!

By simply connecting to the mains the Rotofast is ready for action. Deep cleaning on a moving escalator or travellator. The brakes are applied, the key turned and a button simply pressed- this machine then can be left to deep clean in minutes! It's as simple as that!

Four counter rotating brushes reach deep into the grooves achieving results never before realised in this field. A powerful vortex recovery system provides the suction leaving the surface 100% dry and ready for immediate use. As a result of this machines speed and high performance, there is no longer a need to clean out of hours, or close escalators or travellators for long periods of time. Should a spillage occur, this machine is quick to maintain the image your company aims to preserve!

Technical Specification

Description Measurement Amount    
Brush Unit        
Working width, brushes cm 22 x 2    
Power Supply V 230v / 110v    
Frequency Hz 50    
Electric Power W 1800    
Weight Kg 72    
Dimensions mm 600x435x480    
Vacuum Unit        
Cleaning Agent Cap Ltr 35    
Vacuum Cap Ltr/min 5,400    
Vacuum mbar 230    
Noise Level dB (A) 63    
Soiled Water Tank Ltr 40    
Mains Supply V 230V / 50Hz    
Electric Power W 2000    
Weight empty Kg 30    
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 800x530x940    

Single Operator

One operator is sufficient for the handling and operation of the Rotofast 500

Simple Handling

After connection to the vacuum system, which includes the cleaning agent tank, and connecting both to the power supply, the Rotofast 500 is ready for use.

Safe and Easy to Operate

The Rotofast 500 stands on the travelator or escalator and is held by the handlebar. The additional foot brake further holds the Rotofast 500 aligned and in position. The transmission ratios of the counter-rotating brushes compensate for the usual speed of travelators and escalators.

Tread Deep Cleans

Support rollers maintain the depth of the brush penetration. The counter-rotating brushes keeps the cleaning agent with the dirt in the space between the brushes. The powerful suction system picks it up from here. The Rotofast 500 works to the edge on both sides.

Excellent Vacuum System

The patented vacuum system reliably prevents the cleaning agent from entering into the travelator or escalator.